Birthday celebration & a healthy lunch for you

Good morning and happy Saturday to you all! Im writing this to you as I stare out my little condo's window, drinking coffee and listening to the birds sing. We are staying in Rosemary Beach, FL for the weekend to celebrate my 29th birthday! I'll share pics later in the week of our trip.

I will share that on Wednesday night my girlfriends celebrated my birthday with wine at our favorite spot Five. Wednesday's is 1/2 off wine bottles which is a no brainer so we had too much fun and they were sweet to share gifts with me and a yummy cake! Thanks for a fun night ladies 😘




I wanted to share a healthy lunch for the week for you with Sunday being tomorrow and a good chance to meal prep for the week. Take an hour to be prepared for the week and then enjoy the rest of your day!

One thing I love to do on Sundays is getting lunches made for the week so that I won't eat out and will choose healthy options. Breakfast and dinner are easier because I'm home and tend to make healthier options there.

If you are trying to get better with prepping your meals ahead I suggest getting some nice glass Tupperware bowls with compartments. These are my favorite and glass is better for you than plastic. Read here as to why.


Plus you can dishwash them and they won't melt or have food stains on them!

My friend Kristen shared this salad with me one day when I visited her and it's my favorite to make ahead for the week. You only need 6 ingredients to a healthy, filling salad.

1. Apple Chicken Sausage 2. Baby Spinach (or greens of choice) 3. Artichoke hearts 4. Sundried tomatoes 5. Hearts of palm 6. Balsamic vinegar (if you want to add cheese that would take the flavor up a notch).


For food prep purposes I get my bowls all out on the counter and make 3-4 salads at a time. I start by browning the chicken sausage in a skillet, one for each day. While they cook I chop up the veggies and either add them to the baby spinach base or if you have a container with compartments like mine, I separate the spinach and put the toppings on one side. Then, just chop your chicken sausage and add to the bowls. Voila! I like to wait and add the balsamic vinegar on each day so it doesn't get soggy.



Ill make sure to take better pics this week of my meal prep so you can get some healthy inspiration! See you Monday with a recap of our weekend- I'm off to brunch with the husband at the Perfect Pig. Yum.



Our weekend getaway to 30a

Monday Morning