Life Lately

Goood morning! This week is moving, I can't believe it's already Wednesday! Just wanted to pop in with a few pics of life lately. One thing I love is mornings on the patio. I'm trying to be more intentional about not sitting inside on the couch with my coffee but going outside and soaking up the morning noises of birds and occasional nail guns from the neighbors building next to us.  😒


Spring flowers make me happy and I'm speaking to my plants to not whither up and die on me as they seem to do each season. I have a calendar reminder on my phone that says "water plants" just so I don't kill them. These were so cute at Lowes because they are split so they can hang on your fence! ❤️


If you know me you know I'm a crazy cat lady. If my husband let me I'd have many  cats but that will have to wait until we get land and I can plan my cat farm (he will kill me). I love finding Meezmo in random spots sleeping like the laundry hamper haha. I mean you can't resist that fluff!


This past Friday I spent the day at Orange Beach with some friends soaking up sun, sipping on Mojitos and people watching because it was Mullet Toss weekend. You should click on that link if you've never heard of it. It brings out some crazies.


Saturday & Sunday were spent with this man- Saturday we hit up dinner at Von's Bistro followed by a Ben Harper concert and Sunday was church and Foy for acai bowls.


Sunday evening I made my first homemade lasagna recipe. It reminded me of growing up helping my mom brown the ground beef while she got the ingredients ready. It was so easy and looked delicious! I didn't get to eat it as it had a destination...


To visit my friend Abby's new baby Hawkins! I brought them dinner but secretly did it so I could sneak some cuddles from this cutie and catch up with my sweet friend. He was so precious.


Well that's a wrap folks! Hope you guys all have a wonderful week and soak up some sunshine!

Life Lately

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