Life Lately

Hey guys! I've been juggling a lot between work, Make-A-Wish foundation and life coach training so I've been behind on the blogging. I'm hoping to be nice and motivated to share my weekly meal planning with you Sunday! This will be my accountability to get it done ;) I had such a great time last weekend at a women's conference our church hosted. It was so refreshing to be in a room with 1,4K women all desiring to grow and encourage each other. Two of my employees and two of my friends were with me and it was a great time.


We were given these journals when we left and it has encouraged me to write more. Writing is such an easy way for you to process your thoughts and feelings, it's like free counseling :)


Sunday the weather was gorgeous and after church we took out our boat on the river.


Some friends were having crawfish on their dock and we met up with them and hung out for a bit- it was a perfect day.


We are heading to New Orleans for the weekend so I'll be back with a re-cap! Enjoy your weekend!

Food Prep Sunday :: 1 Hour

Life Lately