Coffee Chat

Good morning! Happy Tuesday to you. I woke up at 4:30AM this morning to meet up with some girlfriends of mine for an outdoor boot camp and it wore me out! Now I'm sipping a cold smoothie and a nice hot coffee to balance it out ;) Let's pretend that we are the closest of friends and sitting down at our favorite local coffee shop to catch up.

If we were catching up I'd tell you that our antique booth has been successful lately and my parents have been selling a lot of beautiful pieces like this dresser that I secretly wanted to keep ;)


I'd also tell you that over Memorial Day weekend we visited our close friends Ryan & Alysha in Jacksonville where we got to visit with their 2 year old Hudson who is such a cutie. We failed at getting a picture of us with our friends, so sad about that!


While we were there we attended Darin's cousins wedding at Amelia Island which was beautiful but HOT. Like 90 degrees outdoor wedding at 4pm.. yikes. But it was still a great getaway for us.


If we were chatting I'd tell you how I have been obsessed with Acai bowls lately and decided to save some $$ and make them at home. They are good but I need to perfect my recipe a bit and then I'll share with you!


I'd also tell you all about how we went to our first Art Walk in a while. Downtown Fairhope is our favorite spot and after wandering the streets and popping in shops, we settled on dinner at R Bistro. <<You must go.



If we were catching up I'd tell you that it was so great to see our friends Matt & Brittany at the Grandman Triathlon. It was fun to watch everyone compete and we hit up Dragonfly for delicious tacos after!


Lastly, I'd tell you how I'm SO EXCITED to host a baby shower for my best friend Victoria this weekend. I can't wait to see her cute little baby belly and celebrate her and Caio!


Thanks for listening, see you soon with my favorite smoothie recipe!

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