Instagram Scenes from the Weekend

  Saturday morning I woke up early, turned some Ray Lamontagne on and got busy stamping price tags for our antique booth. My parents were on their way in to visit and we were making a pit stop to fill up our antique booth!


My dad brought these two lovely pieces below // antique entry table and wicker dresser- I hope they sell this week!



It's hard for me to swing by the booth without perusing the other vendors :) I snagged this cotton photo for $15- I have an affinity for cotton these days.


We all enjoyed a nice sunset on the dock with wine in hand. It's so nice having family come to visit, I miss them often.


Our back porch has some new neighbors and it's not quite as private as we like, so with my mom's motivation we hit up Lowe's for some plants and window box planters and got to work on a "plant barrier wall".

Before: (hello there home construction worker!)


After: doesn't it just make such a difference? I love it. Come over for a glass of wine!


Speaking of... I ran out of wine on Sunday and decided to mix up a little evening cocktail. All you need are 3 ingredients! Gin, fresh lime juice and blood orange San Pellegrino!

For 1 cocktail: Mix 2oz gin & 1oz lime juice in a cocktail shaker with ice. Then pour into a cocktail glass and top with San Pellegrino! You can add ice like I did or without. It was a refreshing drink and would be delicious with any flavor San Pellegrino of your choice! Enjoy.


Happy Monday to you! I hope you have a wonderful week that is satisfying and refreshing.

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Friday Favorites & Link Love