Intentional Mornings

Hello! Happy Monday to you all. It was so wonderful to see 2 of my best friends and celebrate them for seperate reasons this past weekend! One had a baby and the other a 30th birthday! So thankful for amazing friends.

On my trip home from Atlanta today I listened to several podcasts on health and overall wellness. I'm going to do a future post on all of my favorite podcasts and apps to share with you! I was very inspired to get re-focused on healthy living after being around friends who are like minded this weekend. I feel like I have let my healthy eating and lifestyle fall to the way side lately and am ready to reset and set new goals!


One way I want to be healthier is in my morning routine. Picture this: your alarm goes off at 6am, you snooze it several times before you crawl out of bed. Now you are 15 min behind. You slowly make your way to the coffee machine, wait for it to brew and then drink said coffee. You start to scroll instagram or watch the news and before you realize it 30 minutes have passed. You scramble to the shower, try to find an outfit to wear after (reminding yourself you need to clean your closet) and rush through hair and makeup. Before you know it, it's time to get out the door so you aren't late for work. But oh! I need to grab something for lunch. Look in the fridge and leave for work noting to grab a salad on your break since you didn't meal prep Sunday. Rush to work, damn there's an accident! You show up 10 minutes late and now your day continues in a game of catch up and your attitude is frazzled. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Well it sounds like me. Most of the time I'm in a state of rush in my mornings and then I feel rushed all day. How can you change the habit? Why aren't you changing this pattern you've created? My answer would be intention. Without being intentional to change the bad habits we create, we will never see progress.

So how can we be intentional with our mornings? I'm going to break down 7 steps to creating a 30 Minute Motivated Morning that will transform your day and overall happiness!

30 Minute Motivated Morning 

1. In order to wake up earlier, you need to go to bed earlier. Most adults can function well off 7-8hrs of sleep. Im aiming for 10pm-6am for sleeping. 6-630am for my intentional morning and then 630-730 to get ready. People say "I'm not a morning person" all the time as an excuse but no one is born a morning person. You have to change your habits.

2. Don't press snooze. You are only giving yourself 5-10 more minutes of low quality sleep. You will be more groggy and less alert if you fall back asleep for a few minutes than if you just get up. I'm going to be plugging my phone in across the room so I won't be tempted. Also a sleep app can help wake you at the right time of your REM cycle.

3. 5 Minute: Water. Walk to the kitchen and get yourself a tall glass of water first thing. Don't start off with coffee or orange juice as these are very acidic. Your body has been 8 hours without hydration so it craves water when you wake up. You can spruce it up with some fresh squeezed lemon or lime too! You can also pour your coffee or tea during this time to pair with the next step.

4. 10 Minutes: Meditate. Go to a quiet place in your home or room and spend 10 minutes either meditating, praying, reading, journaling or sitting in silence. Leave your phone away from you as it's an easy distraction. Set an intention for your day and then...

5. 5 Min: Stretch. A 5 minute yoga sun salutation routine or simply downward facing dog will help your body to warm up and awaken you to make healthy decisions for the day.

6. 5 Minutes: Write. Keep a pad of paper (preferably with pretty design) that you will use daily to write down your goals for the day. Writing them out makes them feel tangible and will reduce the clutter in your mind of "to dos". Spend 5 minutes here and then move to the last step.

7. 5 Minutes: Mantra. Actor Will Smith attributes his success to speaking positive mantras over himself. Before you get ready to start your work day or spend time with your kids- speak a positive word or line over yourself. Repeat it throughout the day and I guarantee you will see a change in your mindset and attitude! You can even write it on a sticky note and put it visible for you to see.

Okay so here's a challenge for you! For the next 30 days I want you to try out my 30 Minute Motivated Morning and see how things change for you! I'm going to commit to it and report back to you. I hope it helps you find ease with yourself and happiness in your goals and vision.


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