3  Ingredient Breakfast Frittata

3 Ingredient Breakfast Frittata

Good morning! It's a quiet, rainy Monday morning over here but I am feeling motivated to tackle my to-do list and have a productive day! My to-do list is long and the biggest accomplishment I hope to fulfill today is completing my Life Coaching Certification forms. I passed my written exam and my in person coaching exam, but I have to turn in paperwork from all my client sessions and am so close to being done! Soon I will have CLC next to my name (Certified Life Coach)! Today I wanted to share a quick 3-Ingredient Breakfast Frittata with you! There are a few extra ingredients such a spices but nothing you won't have in your pantry ;) It's sugar, dairy and gluten free so it's perfect for you Paleo/Whole 30 lovers!


3 Ingredient Breakfast Frittata (Whole 30 approved)

Serves 4

-12oz Chicken Sausage chopped into chunks (I used Chicken Apple Sausage)

-2 cups Chopped Baby Spinach

-8 Large Eggs

-Extra needed (oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder)

Heat oven to 400. Add 1-tbsp of oil to an oven-safe skillet (I prefer a cast-iron) and add your chicken sausage to brown. While it's browning, scramble your eggs in a bowl and add 1 tsp each salt, pepper and garlic powder. After it has browned up, add your spinach and cook until it wilts. Then turn your stove-top to low heat and add your (8) scrambled eggs. Let it cook on low until the bottom layer is set and the top is slightly liquid- about 6 minutes. Then take your pan off the stove and put in oven to set on top. I set a timer for about 7 minutes but you can check on it to make sure its firm on top but not overdone. Remove from oven, let is set and cool for a few minutes and then slice up and serve!




I hope you enjoy! You can always add more veggies and seasonings as you like- let me know if you give it a try!

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