IMG_1418 This is the view from my parents front yard. I grew up here and loved my days on "the farm". My neighbors were my best friends growing up and we would run between each other's houses for play time and when I wanted to sneak into their candy stash.

I love home and am thankful to be here for Thanksgiving. Not only for the memories but the people I share them with. My mom and dad are here along with my sister, her husband and kids and of course my love Darin.

Thankful doesn't describe how I feel when I return home and sit by the fish pond and chat with my dad about life or giggle over a glass of wine with my sister and mom. Overwhelmed with love and fullness is how I feel and I hope to continue this in the friendships and family I build as life continues on.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and I pray you are blessed with love and fullness.

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