5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving week! I hope you all get to enjoy some relaxation and time with loved ones. I wanted to share my tips for staying healthy during the holidays as it's easy to just let yourself go and plan to get healthy again in the New Year. It is possible to navigate the holidays by making healthy choices and also indulging!

1. Avoiding sickness

Traveling and being around lots of friends and family during the season of changing weather can land you with a cold or flu! But there are ways you can prevent this!

Taking vitamins plus other supplements like probiotics, elderberry and my favorite cold prevention ACF can support your immune system to protect you from getting sick. Also wash, wash, wash your hands. Shaking hands is so common but also kind of gross and immediately transfers germs to you. On top of our dirty cell phones, credit cards etc, it's best to wash your hands often and I like to keep antibacterial wipes with me for my hands and to wipe down surfaces.


2. Starting mornings with a healthy juice or smoothie

Your digestion takes a hit during the holidays when you are taking in an overload of sugars and less than nutritious foods. Starting your day with a freshly squeezed green juice or smoothie will help you get in lots of nutrients plus it's less work for your digestion. And typically when you eat a healthier breakfast you will make wiser food choices later in the day.


3. Choosing your beverages wisely

For those of you who like to indulge in an alcoholic beverage or two, it's best to stick to the lighter calorie and sugar options. Wine and light beers will put you in around 100-150 calories a drink vs 3-500 for drinks like margaritas or sangria.

But if you are a liquor lover, just make sure to mix your liquor of choice with a low calorie mixer like sparkling water and fresh lemon/lime or a splash of grapefruit juice. Here's some links to low-calorie cocktails!

7 Low-cal cocktails

Skinny Moscow Mule


4. Exercising, even just a little bit!

My goal for the holiday season is to continue my exercise routine and plan ahead for traveling/ busy holidays.

Easy options when you are traveling: going for a walk with family after a big meal, going for a run, doing an outdoor workout or an indoor HIIT workout in your room.

When you aren't traveling but have plans locally it's best to plan ahead to either wake up early and get your workout in or a quick at home workout before your event. I will be linking workouts for travel  and at home so you have some motivation!

Even if it's just 10-20 minutes of cardio you will get your metabolism going for the day and make healthier choices.

20 Min HIIT workout (at home)

9 No Equipment, At Home Workouts


5. Enjoy your treats and then move on

It is easy to get stuck in the mentality of "Well I ate horribly today so I'll just finish out the week and start again next week." Or January!

Don't let indulging cause you to give up on your overall health goals. You can have your cake and eat it too :) But then move on. Get back to your healthy routine and have an occasional treat during the holiday season. If you have an all or nothing mentality you will end up 10lbs down the road in January or deprived of holiday fun! Enjoy yourself but make wise health decisions.

Pictured below: our delicious Sweet Potato cake from Ellen Jay Bakery for Thanksgiving!


I hope you enjoyed these tips and can relax knowing you can enjoy treats and stay healthy during the holidays. I'll have a healthy recipe for you next week!

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