Life Lately: Moving & the Holidays

Hello friends! I'm sorry it's been so quiet around here.. we bought a house a month ago and are still in the process of selling our old one. In the meantime we decided we wanted to be in our new house by Christmas and packed, moved and un-packed in the last two weeks like mad men! I even decorated our new house for Christmas already, I've been working non-stop on the house + regular work + non-profit work. I love it all but sometimes at the end of the night the couch and Netflix is so nice.

I wanted to share some pics of life lately and plan to give you a last minute holiday shopping guide tomorrow for those of you-like me-still last minute shopping!

Having the opportunity to be apart of this amazing non-profit: Eye Heart World. The heart and souls behind this organization are so precious and I am so lucky to have a part. We hosted a Holiday Breakfast to raise awareness and funds for the Rose Center coming this spring in Mobile.

Making Christmas gifts for the correctional facilities men who our church partners with. We may be the only gift they receive for Christmas and it's so neat to think how that could touch their hearts.

Using your Chick-fil-A Catering van to move because your movers underestimated just how much stuff we have :)


Un-packing boxes...  I die


In one day my car had boxes from moving + orange juice for our Eye Heart world breakfast + water for a Chick-fil-A event. I barely had room for my purse ;)


Our first snow of the year! Hopefully not the last :)


Our annual tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree. We struggled a bit and the family next to us had their 8year old cutting theirs down like a champ. We borrowed their saw after haha

First fire in our new house- so many heart eye emojis


Plus the reason I wanted to move before Christmas- first tree in our new house!


Come over for a cup of coffee and tell me about your life lately!

I hope you have a wonderful week tying up lose ends on Christmas gifts and soak in the reason for the season.

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