Health Challenges for the New Year

Health Challenges for the New Year

Hey guys! We have zipped past Christmas and are moving into 2018! I'm sad Christmas is over but I am still keeping my tree and decorations up through the New Year because... it makes me happy :) As I leave 2017 behind and enter a new year, there is always a challenge within me to re-focus on my health goals as well as my personal growth emotionally and spiritually. Today I wanted to share with you some health challenges I will be partaking in as well as some that I've heard great things about. I will share in a separate post about my personal growth challenges and how you can challenge yourself in the new year!


EmFit Challenge (Cost: $21) 

I put this one first as I have done this challenge two other times and loved it. It comes with 21 days of meal plans (breakfast, lunch & dinner) plus snack options. It helps you rid your diet of sugar and focus on whole foods. A lot like the Whole30 challenge but less days and comes with your days already organized for you. You also have the added advantage of an online community to encourage you along the way. Sign up here and to read more about the challenge.



Tone It Up 5 Day Detox (Cost: Free) 

The Tone It Up girls are so fun and the best support of a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying indulgences here and there. They are well known for their 7 Day Slimdown that you have to pay for but they are kicking off the New year with a Free 5 Day Detox. It starts starts January 1st and you can sign up here.


10-Day Meal Planning Bootcamp (Free) 

I signed up for this one and am looking forward to stepping up my meal prep game. You have until the end of the day tomorrow to sign up for this one! But it's a great way to encourage you to meal plan which is the ultimate way to take hold of your health and making good food decisions during the week. Sign up here for free!

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Whole 30 Challenge (Cost of book, about $20)

The Whole 30 is an elimination challenge of foods that can have a negative impact on your health. I have never completed a Whole 30. I have friends trying to tempt me into the new year with a full challenge but I just love the flexibility of having a glass of wine or piece of chocolate when I so desire. But I do love the overall concept of Whole30 and the challenge of ridding your diet of sugars, breads, processed foods, etc. Their website has a ton of information and their social media sites have recipe ideas and helpful tips!

There are (3) different book options that can help you on your Whole 30 journey.

The first is the original Whole 30- 30 Day Guide to Health & Food Freedom


Recently released Day by Day guide and Whole30 Fast & Easy give you more guidance and time!



Two-week Clean Eating Plan from Pop Sugar Fitness (Cost: Free) 

Pop Sugar Fitness has so many health challenges so jump over to their site for more options like Squat Challenges, Burpee Challenges, etc.

This 2 week clean eating plan comes with grocery lists and daily menus to help you eat healthy and fresh for 2 weeks straight without having to meal plan!



You can find some of my meal prep posts and healthy recipe links below!

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See you soon with a health challenge for your emotional health!

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