Fresh Life Flourish

Hey guys! Just a quick update. I am changing from Fresh Life Findings (circa 2012) to Fresh Life Flourish. My Life Coaching business is named Fresh Life Flourish and I want it to coincide with my blog so it's not confusing :)

Why Fresh Life Flourish? Well, I am always on a pursuit to live a fresh and healthy life and with my new business I have a desire to help others grow or "flourish". I was toying with names with my friend Victoria and she helped me come up with it! Flourish has been my word for 2017 and it just fit.

There has also been so much talk around me and inspiring me about trees and growth. I attended a women's conference in the spring and the Bible verse used as the theme for the weekend was one that I have used as my life verse. Later in Isaiah 66:14 it says, "When you see this your heart will rejoice, and you will flourish like grass." I hope to coach and encourage others to flourish in all areas of life.


I will be sharing a post soon on how I became a Life Coach and if you are interested in one-on-one Life Coaching sessions via the internet or in-person, contact me at

Thanks for following along! Check back for a 2017 re-cap post by this weekend :)



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