10 Healthy Instagram Accounts to Inspire You!

Hi all! So far, this week kind of took off on me and I haven't sat down to reel in my goals for 2018. Stay tuned for that post next week! In the mean time, I am completing the 21 Day Emfit Challenge that I shared about last week- 3 days in and feeling good! Part of my accountability with eating healthy is following other accounts online of others doing the same. Below I am sharing my favorite Instagram accounts for healthy food inspiration! If you don't have Instagram, a lot of them have blogs so just type their name into google and you should be able to find them :)

Most of them are Paleo/Whole30 style nutrition posts but that is the type of diet I love the most. It makes me feel good on the inside and I try to follow it the majority of the time with cheats along the way for balance.

FitChicksCook is the best at showing her meal prep plans. This one is looking so fresh and delicious! Making all of this for the week is so helpful to keep you on track with making healthy food choices.



Against All Grain made these wraps with lettuce instead of a tortilla and they look like a perfect lunch option for grab-n-go.



My bestie Kristen at OyKristen. She's completing the January Whole30 challenge and her Insta and Blog have a lot of inspiration for meal ideas!



Whole Daily Life shared this whole day post of her Whole 30 eats which is inspiring the food-prepper in me to get on track!



Paleo Paparazzi shared her sweet potato "toasts" with savory toppings!



EmFit Challenge shares recipes from other people doing the 21 Day challenge like this egg salad on a bed of lettuce.




I love Fed and Fit. She has a ton of meal ideas that are Paleo/ Sugar free.



This Whole 30 approved Chicken Pot Pie from Pretend Its A Donut looks amazing!


I listen to the Ultimate Health Podcast a lot, and have mentioned them on this blog before. Their Insta account is great for healthy recipes like this no fruit smoothie.


Last but not least one of my favorite food bloggers- PaleoOMG. Juli is so creative in the kitchen and this sheet pan breakfast looks to die for.


So tell me, who are your favorite healthy Instagram accounts to follow?

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