Life Lately: Flu Busters & Healthy Choices

Hey guys! It's been quiet around here as I've been diving into several projects and haven't been sitting down to write as much. I thought I'd share a quick re-cap with you of what I've been up to in the New Year. My GOAL is to write a 2018 goals post for you but since I've said that the last 2 posts let's just keep it a surprise and see if I do it! :) One of our friends has opened (2) restaurants in downtown Mobile that are my favorite spots! He opened his (3rd) restaurant here a few weeks ago and we all cozied up on a freezing night at El Papi. If you are local or traveling through definitely try it out! Authentic Mexican tapas and delicious margaritas- you just can't say no. The patio in the spring is going to be perfect.


We close on our house next week and while we had moved out, we left all of our outdoor patio furniture for "staging". We only have a couple things left to do and then we will be all moved out! We are thankful to have sold so quickly and are enjoying our new home across the bay.


I've been trucking along on the healthy eating- having a pretty beverage display in my fridge makes me happy!


For those of you with hungry spouses or kids, this is my staple breakfast casserole. I make it on Sundays and we eat it all week. It's Paleo/Whole30 approved and definitely a clean eating option! Check out Paleomg for the recipe!


Trying to keep the flu away! Everyone around us has the flu and I'm so scared to get it, it feels like the movie Contagion! Anyways- my tried and true ways to stay healthy are keeping your immune system strong which relies on good sleep, a healthy diet and supplements. Try taking these:

Apple Cider Vinegar- (2) tbsp

ACF Buried Treasure- (2) tbsp


Hot Tea: My favorites are Throat Coat, Echinacea and Breathe Easy. Add fresh squeezed lemon & grated fresh ginger.

Honorable mention: chewing on a fresh piece of garlic whenever you feel a tickle in your throat.


I picked up this cutie coffee mug at Anthropologie when I was in Atlanta over NYE for $5!! I should have bought 10 more ugh. Coffee mugs are my love language.


Working on projects at Starbucks makes me happy. While I have an office at home, the cozy environment, overhead music and smell of coffee just outweigh home.


Waking up to snow 2x this year has been so fun! I just think a light dusting of white snow makes everything look so beautiful! But my skin is looking white as snow and I am ready for spring.


I can't remember if I mentioned it but I dropped a shelf on my foot the day after Christmas and have been out of commission from working out for (3!!) weeks. I've done some yoga and other small workouts here and there but an all out hard workout hasn't been an option. It's still painful but I am tired of not working out hard so I hit up the gym last night for a killer workout from JillFit.

Try this: 10 Rounds of: (15) Thrusters, (10) Burpees and (5) Pull-ups. I finished in 24 minutes and it was an awesome lung burner and my arms are soooore today. It felt good to be back!


I hope you guys all have a great weekend! We have so much organizing to do from moving but this cold weather just makes me want to curl up under my covers and watch movies :)  I'll be back next week with some fresh posts!

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