My Challenges for 2018

Good morning! Happy Monday to you all. Have you ever read my post on fighting the Monday morning blues? It's super helpful. I have started off this Monday with positivity, a hefty to-do list and my favorite get it done playlist "Mellow Beats" on Spotify. Even though my wake-up call was shattering my water glass next to my bed, I'm happy for a new week! I am always trying to set goals for myself each week so that I am growing and becoming a better version of me. So instead of setting goals for 2018 I am going to set "challenges" for myself. Part of my life coach training taught us to set SMART goals. Meaning they are: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Limited. So the next time you sit down to set goals or "challenges" for yourself, make sure to check those 5 boxes for each goal.

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My 2018 Challenges:

Invest in learning:

It's amazing how much you can learn in your life and still have so much to learn and understand. In my recent move from working at Chick-fil-A as much and investing in Eye Heart World, I am learning SO much and want to continue to educate myself on a few areas.

  • Photo design (weekly practice)
    • I want to learn more in the areas of Photo Shop and design apps to help create content for EHW social media pages. Along with my blog!
  • Trauma Training (monthly)
    • Part of my training for EHW will be to go through Trauma Therapy training as the survivors we will be spending time with will have been through trauma that we can't even imagine.
  • Webinars (1x a month)
    • I have learned so much from listening/watching webinars on NCJTC- if you are  ever wanting to learn more about Human Trafficking and other matters of justice visit their site!

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Invest in relationships: 

  • Date Nights (1x a week)
    • I bought this book for Darin for Christmas as a date challenge book for us. We don't have kids yet but we know how important date nights are to our relationship. Our goal this year is to do "un-common" date nights to learn more about each other and try new things!
  • Coffee dates (1x a month)
    • I love coffee dates with friends to catch up and get to know people more. I'm going to be more intentional to meet up for coffee with friends and invest in relationships this year.


  • Family get togethers (2 trips this year)
    • My family means so much to me and they all live in Georgia/Virginia. I want to be more intentional this year with getting together with everyone. My first goal is to plan a beach trip with them for this summer and a mountain house trip in the fall!



Invest in myself:

  • Journal (3x a week)
    • Journaling used to be a daily thing for me but in the last few years it has become few and far between. I recently recovered journals from college days and on that have so many good truths and wisdom from the time I was going through. Writing helps me process my thoughts, feelings, fears and joys all at the same time. I believe it's a form of therapy and can be so beneficial to anyone to process what is going on in their life.


  • Podcasts (1x a week)
    • You can read my post on my favorite podcasts of late but I am looking for some new podcasts. I've been listening to the Exodus Cry podcast to learn more about trafficking but I'm hoping to find some new health podcasts. Any recommendations?


  • Read (1 book a month)
    • You guys- I am BAD at reading. My dad is a book worm and reads through tons of books a month, I need to be more like him! I'm going to confess something- I looked at my phone battery usage and had 7 hours of Instagram screen time in a week. WHATTT WHYY am I wasting my life on that app?? Anyways- my challenge is to put down my phone and pull out a book!! Any good books you have read lately?


Well that wraps up my challenges for 2018! I'm planning to check-in on these with you throughout the year to hold myself accountable but I am ready to tackle these and work towards my overall goal of being the best version of myself I can be so I can give back to others.



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