If We Were Having Coffee...

My top love language is quality time and I find so much joy in sharing a cup of coffee with a loved one or friend. My husband and I sit out on our back porch in the mornings with coffee and read together, it's my most treasured time. Meeting up for coffee with a friend is so special to me and that's when you share about your life lately. So if we were having coffee I would tell you.. I am trying to be consistent with drinking collagen in my coffee and this new collagen creamer from Vital Proteins is perfect. I like to drink my coffee black normally but this coconut collagen creamer gives the coffee a touch of smoothness.


That life has been going 100mph and I love it. Within a week I was in Georgia, Texas & Florida and arrived back in town Wednesday evening. It was a whirlwind of quality time with one of my best friends, exploring a drop-in center for trafficking with the girls I volunteer with and Chick-fil-A seminar with my husband (who received an award for $6million in sales!). All around an amazing time and I loved every minute of it. But am also thankful to be back in my bed with my kitties by my side :)


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If we were having coffee I'd tell you that Darin and I have been soaking up some good date nights lately! We went to Pensacola for the night and visited a Whiskey Bar that he was looking forward to trying. Followed by amazing Italian food!






Followed by a Mardi Gras ball with our friends Lindsey & Ryan! It was so fun to get dressed up and see Mardi Gras in full effect.

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If we were having coffee I'd tell you that I have been eating out SO much and have been way off balance with my normal healthy eating/ meal prep. My pants are getting tight and I'm feeling un-healthy so I am ready for a healthy week ahead!

This week I will share with you my meal prep and snacks to kick off a healthy week. I'm also committing to not eating out for lunch/dinner during the week. I know that sounds not hard but lately we have been grabbing lunch out for a mid-work break and that adds up quickly even when you pick healthier options!

One thing we just started is Daily Harvest smoothie delivery. We love smoothies but find ourselves making the same kinds every day and having the on-hand ingredients can be complicated. Daily Harvest is all organic ingredients and has so many different types of smoothie combinations. You can click here: for 3 free smoothies for your first order! Give them a try and let me know what you think.


If we were having coffee I'd tell you that I can't wait for the Rose Center to open here and if you'd like to help us fill our home with beautiful things to welcome the girls you can click on our Target registry or Amazon wish list. We are opening a drop-in center for sex trafficking victims locally and I can't wait to see lives changed.

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Check back with me later this week for my healthy meal prep ideas!

Meal Prep: Turkey Burgers + Smoothie packs

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