Meal Prep: Turkey Burgers + Smoothie packs

Hi all! Happy wellness Wednesday! This week on the meal prep front I made lunches for the week, a (3) night dinner meal and smoothie packs for breakfast. Not picture, hard boiled eggs and sliced apples for snacks. For the turkey burgers I did something different and did 1lb ground turkey, (2) tbsp each hot sauce & ground mustard with salt and pepper. They have a good flavor and don't add calories to your burgers! Fry them up on low heat so you don't zap the moisture out of them.


I added them to meal prep bowls for lunches with roasted veggies that I cooked in the oven all at once: Red potatoes, Brussel sprouts and green beans roasted for 20 minutes on 425 with some olive oil and seasonings.


I made Pinch of Yum's Crockpot Chili and it was a major hit. The roasting of the corn and veggies made a difference in the flavor profile. This made for (3) nights of dinner for us which is amazing in my book!




Ever have leftover fruits/veggies that are going bad but you feel bad throwing away? Freeze them for smoothies and soups! We had bananas, avocados and baby spinach on their last leg so I made (3) smoothie packs for breakfast smoothies. Avocados make smoothies so creamy and delicious! Just freeze ingredients in ziplocs and whenever you are making a smoothie, add them to a blender with your favorite liquid and blend! We usually do coconut milk & add whey protein.


Let me know what you are meal prepping this week! Needing some fresh meal inspiration :)

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