Time + Easter + 30!

So much happiness has been happening lately. From the Rose Center opening to Easter with my family to my upcoming 30th birthday! I have been busy and haven't made time lately for the old blog but I like to stay updated here and there. I never like to use the phrase "I don't have time" as I always have time, I just have to determine how I use it and what I use it for. One of my pet peeves is when one of my employees doesn't follow through with their responsibilities and says "I'm sorry I didn't have time." Everyone has time, it's just about how important it is to you.

We make time for Netflix, we make time for Instagram but we rarely make time for self-care, tasks looming at work or cleaning out closets at home. If you ever want to see how much time you don't have- check out your battery % under your settings and see how much time you spent on your phone. Just to be honest let's look at my screen time in the last 7 days:



7.6 hours between Instagram and Facebook in 7 days!! I DO have time. I just decide to waste it on Social Media. And that's fine if I decide that, but I can't use the "I don't have time" phrase in all honesty :) I can't get those 7 hours back but I can make better decisions for the future on being wise with my time.

I've shared with you guys here and there about my recent partnership with Eye Heart World and the Rose Center here in Mobile. We opened our doors the 2nd week of March and we are so excited to serve the Mobile community. Our vision is to see a community where sex trafficking and sexual exploitation cannot thrive. And we are doing that at the Rose Center by equipping and empowering women to leave a life of sexual exploitation. Specifically we are a day time drop-in center that will provide basic needs like a hot meal, shower, place to rest and long term have counseling, trauma therapy and job training skills. So, so excited for all that is to come!

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Our Rose Center team minus our sweet girl A.


My parents and sister came in town to visit for the Easter weekend! We all went to church together Sunday morning and then came home for a delicious brunch!


Darin has a sling on his arm due to a recent injury- thankfully it's healing!


Cinnamon rolls, (2) types of quiche, bacon, fruit and biscuits- OMG yum. With a side of mimosa of course!


Followed by a couple hours at Blakeley State Park to burn off some brunch calories and enjoy the beautiful weather! My sis is in town until Thursday and we have spent the week shopping, bike riding, trying out favorite restaurants and relaxing together.


Did I mention I turn 30 Saturday? CRAZY! I'm actually excited to be in my 30's. Darin is taking me to the spa Saturday morning followed by brunch and the pool! We will be going to the beach next week to celebrate with 3 of our couple friends! Rosemary Beach- our favorite place. I can't wait to ride bikes to local restaurants, lay in the sun and catch up with great friends. I'll be sure to share pics when we get back!

I thought this post from Barefoot Blonde was cute and I'm definitely down to adopt some of her to-do's like travel the world and write a book!



Hope you have a great rest of the week and enjoy some time with this warmer weather!

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