Finding Your Passion & Purpose

One thing that my life coaching clients have in common is that they all want to have purpose in their work.

I think that’s why I chose Life Coaching as a career because I find purpose in seeing others reach their potential.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom or work for a company, most of us have an innate sense that we want to have purpose behind what we spend most of our days doing.

This is actually something that has been studied in the millennial generation. It’s why millennials (and I am one) are sometimes wishy washy and flaky in bouncing job to job, because they don’t feel like their work matters. They want to work for companies that have purpose. They want to feel like their tasks and job duties have meaning behind them.

So how do you get there? How do you find purpose in your work or in your daily tasks? I believe you have to find PASSION for life first. If you work for a company that has huge purpose but you aren’t passionate about it, will you truly thrive there?

But If you start a blog that you are passionate about, I believe you will make it purposeful.

If you are passionate about your kids health, happiness and livelihood, it will give you purpose.

If you are passionate about your boss succeeding by supporting him in your assistant position, it will give you purpose.

FIND YOUR PASSION. In order to find your passion, you have to dig down deep into your WHY behind living, thriving and running after your goals and dreams.

Sometimes, your passions aren’t at work. You may have to spend hours outside of work pursuing your purpose through being passionate about something you can’t find in a 9 to 5 job. It won’t be like that forever. But can you be at peace with the work you have, will pursuing other passions on the side?

I believe you can. I did. I spent 9 years supporting my husbands job, while pursuing Life Coaching outside of work. I wasn’t passionate about it, but I did find purpose. I actually ended up offering free Life Coaching to some of his employees so that I could practice and find purpose while supporting his passion. YOU SEE HOW IT WORKS??

At the end of the day, I believe you will reap what you sow. If you give life, work, family your all- your PASSION- you will find PURPOSE.

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