Loving Lately :: Spring Edition

Loving Lately :: Spring Edition

Hi lovelies! Happy Friday and Happy Spring to all of you! I love the transition of seasons and am so excited to spend more time outdoors, getting more Vitamin D in my life! I actually had a hormone testing done recently that said I had major Vitamin D deficiency so I’ve been upping my intake and think I notice a difference in my energy levels!

Anyways, I wanted to pop in here and share some of my favorites as of lately from ethical fashion to healthy food- I love to share my favorite things! I like to read other blogs share about their favorites so here you go, let me know if you try any of them out!

Mare Handle Clutch- I love this clutch and the company that makes it. Able is an ethical fashion brand that publishes their wages for the women who work for and produce the products for their company. They believe in fair wages for all and if you don’t know much about most of the fashion industry, a lot of it is not ethical and people are under-paid. Thank you Able for caring about this!


Daily Harvest Smoothies- my husband and I love these smoothies and have ordered them on and off again for a year or so. They are shipped to you in dry ice straight to your door! Most of the ingredients are organic and they are SO simple to make! Throw it in a blender with your liquid of choice ( I like coconut milk) and I add protein as well! No commitment required and you can pause or cancel at any time. Get 3 cups in your first box here


Becasa Turquoise Beach Bangles- My friend Emily started this beautiful fashion and home line that is beach inspired and I’m loving these waterproof bangles for the pool and beach this summer! Shop her line here

Savory Breakfast Bowls- sometimes I wake up wanting a savory breakfast and sometimes a sweet. This savory bowl hits the spot and I’ve basically been doing variations of riced veggies with a friend egg (or two) on top and adding toppings like avocado, salsa, etc. Delicious and filling!


Little Barn Apothecary beauty products- their products are 100% vegan, cruelty free, and all-natural. I love beauty and skincare products that are natural and chemical free so this line is perfect for me. Their products are high quality and I’ve been using for a year+ and love them. They are also local to my hometown in Atlanta, GA.

Pictured above are my top 5 FAVS :: Aloe & Rosewater Balance Mist // Carrot Seed & Rosehip Eye Serum // Honeysucksle & Grapefruit Body Oil // Flowers & Pink Clay Dry Shampoo // Chamomille & Rosemary Hair Oil

Well that’s all for today friends! Thanks for your interest in my favorite things lately!

Tell me, whats your favorite skincare product?

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